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organization such as ours." much more on breaking news tonight on the fox report. >>neil: you are right, it is developing fast and furious, the c.i.a. director is out but the questions for our nation's intelligence security have only begun. who is in charge right now? growing fears bad guy could take advantage of this american intelligence power vacuum. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto at fox on top of a black eye for the c.i.a., gem general's departure is the latest between benghazi and what intelligence officials knew and didn't know and growing unrest in the middle east and what the c.i.a. knows and doesn't know. a shot out of left field that leaves my guest questioning the timing of all of this, lieutenant colonel on the phone. >>caller: the timing is too
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perfect, the obama administration, as the administration claimed it was coincidence that the benghazi consulate was attacked on the anniversary of september 11th now it is convince dense the affair surfaces right after the election, not before but right after and before the intelligence chiefs go to capitol hill to get grilled. as an old intelligence analyst, and i could be totally wrong this is my interpretation, the administration was unhappy with general petraeus not playing ball 100 percent on their party line story. he was getting cold feet aboutiving under oath and i suspect these tough chicago guys knew of the affair for a while, held it in their back pocket until they needed to play the card. i don't like conspiracy theories and i could be wrong but the timing this, again, right after the election and right before he is supposed to get grilled on
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capitol hill, it smells. maybe it is coincidence but let me allay your concerns on one count. our nation has -- is not going to be suddenly vulnerable. and the deputy director will fill in, unless obama administration decides to appoint a political hack which could be the case they may want a politically reliable guy to get them through benghazi. >>neil: you talk about the benghazi hearings, couldn't general petraeus still testify? in other words not in the capacity of the c.i.a. director but as a former c.i.a. director? >>guest: he could. there is the possibility that will happen. he now is damaged goods and it is possible a deal is coming out this. two stories there is a human
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story, a man who to the best of his ability served our country and although i didn't always agree with him i am sorry to see him go in this sort of fashion. also, his wife is a sweetheart, and has tried to work with the troops and i am sear for her embarrassment, the wife always gets the shaft in these things but the big story to me isn't the personal story, neil, look at this timing, there is a story if any investigative journalists want to dig into it. >>neil: the fact that people knew of the affair for some time and it is now coming to light ahead of the benghazi hearings which they are working to get going on washington it came together magically? >>guest: look, a director of the c.i.a. with a long and proud career does not on his own initiative on impulse stroll over to the white house and say, mr. president, here is my letter
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of resignation i had appear affair and i suddenly feel real bad about it. clearly someone raised it. also, to be fair to the obama administration, as much as i hate to be fair to the obama administration, you have to be, general sketch was not popular at the c.i.a. he rub add lot of people the wrong way and the c.i.a., they are intelligence people, they might have caught on, someone over there could have caught on to the affair and threatened to blow the whistle. we don't know that. but a couple of things are sure: the nation is not suddenly in danger, the intelligence will go on. the obama administration is worried about what is coming on the hearings on capitol hill under oath. and it is sad that he had to go out this way. >>neil: we will watch all of the above but thank you for the update and assuring us our security is sound. thank you, ralph. now the other crisis, the fiscal
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cliff, the president draw a big line on the sand after the election win inviting congressional leaders to the white house next week, both sides have talked aimed at avoiding tax hikes that can kick in, and, already, critics are saying it sounds like the president has his mind made up. i want to be clear i am not wedded to every detail of my plan, i am open to compromise, i am open to new ideas i am committed to solving our fiscal challenges. but i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >>neil: it is all the details. the white house said the president would veto spending on tax rates for those earning more than $250,000 and to mike huckabee. >>governor huckabee: the fact is this has been his agenda all along. for some reason he feels like he
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has to punish people would might make whatever the threshhold is and it is moving target, $200,000, $250,000, millionaires or billionaire. someone making $250,000 is not a millionaire. >>neil: but maybe not talking specifics gives wiggle room. >>governor huckabee: when were democrats say investment that means spending. today he used that term in the news conference talking about, we have to have more investment and we have to have a balanced approach. republicans are going to have to accept, they will not get everything they want, what they will fight for is don't raise the tax rates but if you want to raise an overall tax revenue by closing loopholes, changing the structure, doing some things that were almost recommended in the commission. >>neil: what if the president says, no, no, no, that is not what i meant. >>governor huckabee: so, does he play the game of
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chicken? both john boehner and mc mcmcconnell are as good as we have. >>neil: well the president needs speaker boehner more than mcth connell --. bucky>>governor huckabee: both are seasoned washington insiders. the republicans in the senate and the republicans in the house of representatives have to trust and follow their leaders. that will be anathema to a lot of republicans. you cannot have 535 people all negotiating for their particular part of the pie. it can't work. >>neil: who gives? >>governor huckabee: everyone the that is how you govern. >>neil: they have never done that.
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>>governor huckabee: you have to. >>neil: the president is saying elections have consequences. is the consequence of this, sock the rich? >>governor huckabee: the consequences of the election, we have more governors that are republican, same house of representatives, same senate, same president. meet the new boss, same as the old boss, nothing has changed. what has to change rather than sitting down and starting at point of where they disagree, they need to sit down and start at the point of where they can agree to the dynamic of that. >>neil: thank you, governor, that was good quoting. and now to radio talk show host not happy with how the republicans are handling this. >>caller: the fiscal cliff is a big fiscal cliff. in two to five years if this is not handled right, we are talking about a massive economic chance if we do not get this
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debt and deficit under control and i don't think it is showing of republican leadership when speaker boehner is putting out ideas all the proposals, all these things he hasn't checked the rank and file with and he is moving to the left that is now how you play poker. do not throw your hand on the table and say let's deal. and obama gave a political speech. did he say anything different today than on the campaign trail? if he were a serious budget he would already be meeting with the congressional leadership and he gives a political speech and now he is going overseas. they have a very tough task ahead of them and you have to are smart negotiators who will deal with obama and boehner has demonstrated over the last few years he is not one of them. >>neil: so i talked to a republican congressman earlier with was nervous about creeding -- ceding this, and he is
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annoyed, like you, so what happens? this is another theory that the president wanted this to blow up so they can pick from the pieces in the new year and stick it on the republicans. >>guest: let me tell you something, if this blows up, it will blow up on everyone. the truth is, he is president of the united states, he ran to the be leaders of the free world. he ran to be in charge of the economy. the fact of the matter at the end of the day it will be his fingerprints and negotiations have to stop panicking and stop negotiations in public and stop surrendering the principles if boehner felt there should be revenue increases wait to talk to the president do not go on abc news, or abc news and talking about how obamacare is wrong and we are prepared to do revenue increases. that wasn't the decision of the election. harry reid is out this talking about 19 trillion or $20
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trillion in debt. we get beyond january 1, we signed off on $2.5 trillion more in debt. we signed off on trashing businesses. tracking the so-called rich. anyone who earned $250,000 and more will have a hugely negative effect on our economy. what have we achieved? >>neil: if part of the revenue issue isn't raising the rates, but is closing loopholes, and credits and special allowances. >>guest: like mortgage interest deduction? >>neil: hear me out. is it leaving mortgage and charitable deductions aside, you are right, the devil is in the details but it is the stuff that prevents those who pay no taxes now or skirt paying any taxes at all, is that a good point for republicans to say we are for tax purity, as well, and this would go a long way toward proving they are for simplifying
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and making this fairer tax code and that in a negotiating world could be a good tactic? >>guest: it might be but you do not get it with this president because this president is a spender and had --. >>neil: what would you want to hear from the budget? >>guest: i want --. >>neil: what do you want to hear from the president? >>guest: we will not hear anything from the president. >>neil: nothing like being mr. optimistic. what would stun you, floor you, surprise you, to hear from the president? >>guest: if he would slash spending. but he will not slash it. i understand this guy and a lot of people don't understand this guy. he is not in this to negotiate a deal that is healthy for the economy. he is in this to negotiate his agenda and advance it come hell or high water and that is why you keep your cards close to your vest. i have not been in congress but i have done a thousand negotiations as a lawyer and i don't start by saying i will do this, i will do that, you sit
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down with the other party and are tough as nails. you do not guest give revenue unless he gives you something. the president wants to expand the government beyond what he has already done and he wants to punish successful people he calls them rich when theynot ris have a lot, a difficult time ahead but they need a smart negotiator not someone who will go on tv and blab out the entire ideas. >>neil: i will put you down as "still not a president." >>guest: or of boehner, either. >>neil: thank you, mark levin. we are getting word that general petraeus will not testify in front of the senate intelligence committee on this benghazi issue. he has stepped douse because of an affair. more after this.
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>>neil: john mccain reacting to the resignation of general petraeus who will stand in the ranks of the greatest military heroes, and the leadership and genius were directly responsible after years of failure for the success of the surge in iraq, and he has devoted his life to serving the country he loved and america so were, we are grateful for his decades of work on behalf of our nation, our military and our security, our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. we got news that general will not participate in the senate hearings regarding benghazi. he will not be. >> i have yet to get a number for the people and that is what the previous question was about, how many people are we talking about that you have settled in various housings and what housings are they? >> we will get you that information.
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>>neil: storm victims are looking to fema for answers but they are not getting them. two days after fema hung sides saying the offices are closed because of weather, the chief could not answer the most basic questions in a conference call with questions. you were in on the call. what happened? >>reporter: a last frustrated residents in new york metropolitan area and a lot of frustrated reporters. we tried to get basic information with the fema administrator and it was an information free zone there was no basic information about anything that the public and the victims themself would like to hear. >>neil: it seemed like a lot of the stuff i was hearing where the centers are and what kind of supplies are being provided, i can understand you do not know all the details but he did not know the basics. >>guest: this is where fell officials and political
1:19 pm
officials shine. they can tell the people this is how we are helping you. and this guy was unable to do that. he was unable to tell us highway many people are this motels, how many are in hotels, how many are in transitional homes and how many people have been accepted, how many people have been denied aid who have requested it. so, it has been an information free zone and it is frustrated for those who are coughing it. >>neil: it comes when a number congressmen men want to keep funding going for fema and $14 billion more is being proposed for fema and i asked him where the money would come from and he said if we have to go deeper in debt it is worth it but is it your sense from those raising complaints, and questions, and trying to call, that it is worth it? >>reporter: we understand that $320 million has been spent by fema but they cannot account for it or tell us where the money is going, who is being helped, how much money we are giving to people, are people getting
1:20 pm
luxury accommodations or being turned away who are desperate and are victims? to a certain extent we are really, the jury is out whether the taxpayer is getting a good deal and victims are being helped. >>neil: we will watch chosely. thank you for bringing this to our attention. did millions of americans who depend on the government give the president something he could depend on himself? lou dobbs is exploring that and we will get his read on the benghazi situation. now we know that david petraeus will not be testifying. at all. bob, these projections... they're... optimistic. productivity up, costs down, time to market reduced... those are good things. upstairs, they will see fantasy. not fantasy... logistics. ups came in, analyzed our supply chain, inventory systems...
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>> the more people rely on uncle sam the more people would rely
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on your vote. that is hard to believe. i was with my colleague and friend lou dobbs noticing this. we are following up on this theme that you get something from the government you are not going to turn your back on it. >>guest: the governor was fighting a report of forces on election day in early voting. but when you are looking at as many as 35 to 40 percent of the state's population on entitlement or special assistance from the federal government, you have a whole new set of barriers to overcome as a republican and particularly when you have made the terrible misjudgment in messaging to say 47 percent of the country is dependent upon the federal government. >>neil: did it come back to hurt? >>reporter: i do in the say it
1:25 pm
hurt president obama not sufficiently in the minds of governor romney and republicans, but it hurt president obama when he said you didn't build that. those are pivotal statements made in the campaign which was a contest between government and individual freedom, opportunity, and entitlement and, unfortunately, for the republican party, their standard bearer and whatever else, and he is one of the fine of the men we have run for office but unfortunately for the republican party he could not articulate to the middle class and those who aspire to it, the reasons for fidelity to those values that make up the republican party. >>neil: what happens to the jazz base? they didn't come out. everyone was worried about the democrats being determined out and not into it but it was the other way around. >>reporter: it was. and it was interesting to see all of the analysis since election night but one big section of voters, a cross
1:26 pm
section of voters has been left out of the analysis and it is shocking. you don't hear people mentioning ron paul. what happened to the ron paul voters? it is as if were never under consideration. he didn't endorse mitt romney. it is astounding to me that hasn't been focused pop. you line up the numbers and you look at the figures and you look at the polls and the exit polls, and you start to see the missing ron paul voters. >>neil: they were the jazzed ones. what happens now? we talked about the posturing ahead of this financial whatever they call it and the others think that boehner gave away all the negotiating point by agreeing to revenues upfront. >>guest: and he tried to walk it back he said we will not raise rates. lard to figure out where he is, and maybe that is never negotiating.
1:27 pm
>>neil: don't they is to go up now? the president is not going to budge on that but the difference could be how do you get what he wants and kind of what you want. what happens? >>guest: i would say yes two days ago. but after listening to the president speak today i was vocal and you chided me on election night for being --. >>neil: you said he would rise to the occasion. >>guest: dead he descended and took on the tone that he can. >>neil: it is vague. >>guest: vague is good but when you have a group of "middle class" props behind you as you speaking from the east room it suggests that you are not there for reconciliation and reproach but to drive a campaign of higher taxes. >>neil: you use so many big words. >>guest: only two at a time.
1:28 pm
>>neil: what happens december 31? >>guest: i hope we see a resolution before that. if this president really insists upon without articulating it as up, a mandates, there is going to be, we are facing a real cataclysm. >>neil: you have been following benghazi and the timing of the resolution i nation and he will not testify. >>guest: there has been a wave of developments that look as though they have been held back to get through until election and this is post election development and it is breathtaking. because now we learn that he now is not scheduled to testify behind closed doors or in any of the other investigative hearings into benghazi, three are scheduled to next week. this put as very bad smell on the personal tragedy that now is
1:29 pm
becoming, well, having serious political and perhaps national security ramifications. >>neil: i have a feeling who will be on your show. >>guest: that is a good part. >>neil: and do not forget lou dobbs, a lot of interesting stuff that goes against what you might think is the grain. very timely. questions are mounting now over the timing certainly of general petraeus' resolution i nation and we will talk to former u.n. ambassador john bolton and he, too, questioning this timing because this is just sort of exploding right before us. flip your look from day, to night soft, to bright with covergirl blast flipstick. wearable, blendable double end-able!
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and find the aarp medicare supplement plan that may be right for you. >>neil: david petraeus says he may not testify next week but that doesn't mean he cannot be compelled to. we have our former representative to the u.n. >>caller: this is a great tragedy. he was a superb public official and gave his career to the country and he had a very high standard of behavior and he doesn't feel he lived up to it and he has done an honorable thing but before everyone goes through the overhead the timing that is suspicious is he talks to the president two daze after the election about something that has been going on for some
1:34 pm
time. do not operate that congress will not get the story on benghazi, maybe it will not be on thursday but he was the director of the c.i.a. when it happened. he can be called to testify and subpoenaed if necessary the maybe it will not be on thursday but there are a lot of committees with hearings and a lot of committees with open scheduled for the next several months. he will testify at some point. >>neil: now, the issue is what he will say when he testifies, right? we who be beholden to commander in chief? >>guest: he obviously is in a different circumstance when he no longer is an employee of the federal government. if what he has to say is classified, it would be in casey colored hearing. but i would not say he resigned to cut off the testimony because it does not cut off the testimony. >>neil: thank you, ambassador, and i want to get reaction from new york congressman charlie
1:35 pm
rangel. what do you think? >>guest: i think we need to find out what happened, find out whether there was wrongdoing or miscalculation. but i'm just hurt that it is still continued to be looked at as a political issue s there an inference that the president of the united states wanted to cover this up or that now we are bringing in people who dedicated their likes to our country? >>neil: you don't find the timing curious? >>guest: not at all. when you pause and say will be bebeholden to the president in he should be beholden to the flag. >>neil: didn't you question during the weapons of mass destruction in the iraq war
1:36 pm
whether leaders were beholden to tell the truth about that when people were questioning whether everyone was being on the up and up. >>guest: you take an oath that is enough for me. and the congress has the power to go beyond that as it relates to perjury. i think that it does a disservice to the credibility of the all of the people would serve. >>neil: you do not think there is anything you have seen or heard, congressman, that is odd or maybe if the administration and others knew about a bad situation. >>guest: it is odd enough to warrant an investigation. i think we all should be concerns about what the results of the investigation is going to be. >>neil: but the timing of the resigning has nothing to do with anything, you think? >>guest: i have trust in him
1:37 pm
and i think he is telling the truth. believe me, there are tools out this for people would lie under oath. i don't think when you pursue a search for the truth because four americans were killed, that there should be any assumption there would be a coverup when we have just begun the investigation, if you want to talk about partisanship we do have a republican that is the chair of the committee that is doing the investigation and in all likelihood all of his investigations have been on television so the american people will be able to listen to the answers that are given under oath. i don't think whether it is this president or a republican president that after the death of four heroes that we with should now never that there has been a coverup over this. there is no evidence at all if the information that ambassador rice got was not accurate, and
1:38 pm
they admitted it wasn't, let's find out why it was not accurate. >>neil: but there is an awkward timeline? >>guest: no question but request think that warrantsally perjury. >>neil: switching gears on this olive branch offered by both sides on avoiding the fiscal cliff, speaker boehner open to revenues and the president supposedly open on a lot of issues but have we moved? >>guest: no, but thank god they have created a climate that america will be monitoring to make certain they do make a good-faith offer. speaker boehner has to start counting votes. he has the majority in numbers but how much he can do or thought do, that will be dependent on a handful of fiscal conservatives on the right. >>neil: would charlie rangel be okay with a plan initially for republicans if this is what they put forward to close the loopholes and transaction breaks for millionaires without formally raising the rates and
1:39 pm
that is their initial proposal on revenue meaning taxes go up but it is not formally raising rates would you say yes or month? >>guest: there is enough money there to make it renew neutral but we have to raise money from the upper income people. >>neil: and the only way did do it in your eyes is to raise the rates? >>guest: we have to really see what he is talking about because they get a lot of preferential treatment in the tax code. >>neil: you could do it? >>guest: it is possible to do that if you cut out all the prefer usual treatment they are getting. that is not going to be easy. everyone wants tax cuts and get rid of loopholes. >>neil: you would be open do that? >>guest: no question. >>neil: maybe we can broker this agreement. >>guest: you said starting
1:40 pm
point, but the thing is to avoid the fiscal cliff because it is a total disaster so we need something to get us over into next year and hope the american people stay on our case. >>neil: always a pleasure. that was lot to throw at you today. in is a lawsuit flying in new jersey over all the companies that were gouging folks and it is getting bad. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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>>neil: first hurricane sandy and then a nor'easter and now how are residents coping, rick? rick: they are calling this town disgusting because until today trash was not picked up since october 27, two two days before the storm. you can seed of that, piles of trash, large construction
1:44 pm
dumpster in the drive of this home. the issue was, water was several feet high, several feet deep and you can see another example of this with the debris piled up in the first yard and you come around this way, people are now going into their homes, with dumpsters lining the drives as people try to rip out drywall, their possessions, anything that was wet has to be thrown out, mildew in the homes they want to prevent. trucks have cleared debris here for the first time since before the storm and this followed a very, very noisy meeting in town where people were yelling at county officials about the lack of power and the lack of response and the lack of trash clean up and after that meeting the heavy trucks came to this neighborhood for the first time. we spoke with a resident who is more upset about the lack of direction and the lack of instruction than anything else.
1:45 pm
>> things will happen. but we got no response from anyone, no sanitation, no one said, turn your electric off or on, we had in direction whatever. we were looking for someone to say, shut your main off. rick: still, more than 160,000 customers on long island alone without power tonight. >>neil: thank you rick, very much. amazing. just incredible. in new jersey, the state attorney general filing lawsuits against no fewer than eight businesses accusing them of price gouging in the wake of super storm hurricane sandy and if they indeed hike prices they should be head accountable. but is that it legal? >>lis: absolutely, it is $10,000 per sale if you hike it. this is personal. my roof got blown out, my daughter and i were together blown out by the trees coming down from hurricane sandy, we were in the basement for a couple of days and we got out
1:46 pm
finally i went to the grocery store away the corner, $10 for a gallon of milk? i will never go back to that place. i didn't pay it. i will never go back there. the idea at a time when neighbors and people are supposed to be helping each other because we all in the same boat, and you go do a businesslike that where you think you can trust a business whether it is a gas station and i understand they didn't have gas, they still don't i get that. but motels and hotels that hiked up prices by 20 percent or 30 percent or 40 percent? >>neil: it will boomerang, right, because when it calms down --. >>guest: i will remember that grocery store. >>neil: maybe that should be the punishment. police his i think it should be by the state, as well, you can be targeted and fined and $10,000 per gallon of milk not just if you do it one day but
1:47 pm
$10,000 for that milk or hotel, you get the $10,000 and if you do it more than once, or two gallons of milk it is $10,000 times two. the thing on the power companies, power company if it has foreseeability, for example, how could you know you will need extra polls -- poles, that lorders on meg conference but go after the merchants and go after them hard. hard. >>neil: you are angry. okay. lis, thank you. harry reid says republicans are not trying to save small business but out to save the donald. a small business guy who says harry reid is the one who should be fireed.
1:48 pm
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>>neil: the fiscal cliff is coming and so far all we hear is rhetoric. here is harry reid, when republicans talk about small business they are really trying to protect billionaires like donald trump. that is news to my next guest who says the democrats have it wrong. what did you think of that? >>caller: i'm not surprised at anything that comes out of harry reid's mouth. really. but stop with the class warfare. to me donald trump is a man that should be admired. he has also a lot. he has done a lot of good. he has created jobs. this vilifying of successful people is enough. i have had enough of it. i have heard it through the whole election and now we are not done with it. >>neil: part of what i think
1:52 pm
got the senator saying this was the president is intimating the fear that reagans the top rate again will hit small businesses and it will not, it hit only the top 3 percent and i know in reality, the administration doesn't tell you this, but it affects 40 percent of the jobs but leaving that issue out they are trying to equate it with something that affects donald trump and not guys like you. that do you say? >>guest: that is nuts. i have heard this and we can keep repeating it, that the majority of the small business owners pay their taxes and the companies earnings flow through to the% this will tax return so if our company makes $500,000, i get $500,000 worth income on high tax return which doesn't noon i get $500,000 worth of cash. i don't get anything cash. but i have to pay the income tax on $500,000 so i have to decapitalize our company and
1:53 pm
take the money out so i can pay the taxes but it affects every small business owner. as you know, we provide the majoriy of the jobs in this country. >>neil: now, do you think that the way around this is to just keep the tax rates where they are? let them hash it out in the new year by either extending those rates and then getting a simi filed tax code or what? >>guest: well, they are going to say it is a revenue issue. my answer to that is very simple: look become over the last 100 years of this country and when we have lowered the tax rates, we have increased tax revenue. why is that not on the table? president kennedy did, president reagan did it, president bush did it every time every time, tax income goes up, you raise the tax rates you have lower revenue not higher. >>neil: but the little rascals
1:54 pm
in washington spend it all but you are right, you are quite right. very good to have you, sir, we will see how it works out. >>guest: okay, thanks. >>neil: the president for another four more years another 156 jobs out, hear from the c.e.o. who was forked to let that many workers go after the elections. he wasn't just warning. today he was doing. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about low-cost investing. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're committed to offering you tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 low-cost investment options-- tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like our exchange traded funds, or etfs tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 which now have the lowest tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 operating expenses tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 in their respective tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lipper categories. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lower than spdr tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and even lower than vanguard. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 . means with schwab, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 your portfolio has tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 a better chance to grow. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and you can trade all our etfs online, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 commission-free, from your schwab account.
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♪ ♪ >> neil: well, the general will not be testifying about the benghazi attack at japan upcoming senate hearing. the fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin. he says he is not, doesn't plan to. can he be subpoenaed? >> good question, neil. we know right now he does not plan to appear before the closed session briefings before the house and senate
1:58 pm
intelligence committees next week. ayou know, they can subpoena private citizens so it's not clear if he will be forced down the road to testify in some way. right now he is not planning to appear before the hearings. c.i.a. will put other officials forward in the hearings. i want to read to you from the message he wrote to the c.i.a. workforce today when he announced he was resigning. after being married for over 37 years i showed poor judgment engaging in extramarital affair. such behavior is unacceptable as a husband and leader of an organization such as ours. this afternoon, the president graciously ised my resignation. some of the sources we have spoken to, who have spoke within david petraeus since this announcement says his resignation has nothing to do with the benghazi incident but the timing is of interest.
1:59 pm
questions that members on the hill wanted to ask him about, things in previous hearings. the suggestion that video was behind the attack and preplanning organized nature of the attack. >> neil: do you know whether it was known for a while? >> i'm afraid we don't know at this point. he approached the president after election results were known and before a big week of hearing and not clear when it started or who it was with. questions at this point. >> neil: man oh,, man. thank you very much. jennifer griffin who has been on top of benghazi and the other issues. more on fox throughout th

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